Contiki for RF2500

This is a port of the Contiki OS version 2.3 for the ez430 RF2500. The latter one is a small, affordable board with a MSP430F2274 microcontroller and a CC2500 2.4 GHz radio chip, manufactured by Texas Instruments.

The functionality this board offers made it a nice target for a porting effort. Jean-Marc Koller ported the Texas Instruments-supplied firmware to MSPGCC and put the results here. The porting effort was done under Windows XP using MSPGCC.

The resulting port is packed in the archive . The documentation is in the file Contiki-2.3-ez430-rf2500-port.pdf , which can also be found in the archive. The directory contiki-2.3-rf2500 ,  which resides next to the documentation file, contains stripped source tree of the Contiki OS. The stripped parts include unneeded examples, platform and CPU architectures. The RF2500 additions are in the directories contiki-2.3-rf2500/platform/rf2500 and contiki-2.3-rf2500/examples/rf2500jmk .

UPDATE: Trying to make the resulting archive as small as possible, I did remove too much. You will get errors about missing files.

SOLUTION: Get the source code of Contiki OS 2.3 and unpack it first; unpack the archive from this page then; if asked whether to overwrite files, answer yes for all files.

The example application rf2500jmk reads out the on-chip temperature sensor and some values from the radio chip. It also runs a serial line shell, which was extended with commands lsensors (stands for local sensors) and rsensors (stands for remote sensors). Compiling and uploading processes are well described in the provided documentation file.